Our Miku Max is not just an E-scooter, no it is one with flair. With it’s unique design and finish you will look bad-ass no matter what! Just take it for a spin and you’ll see many heads turning your way.

Who doesn’t love a bit of attention?!

The combined power of the 800W Bosch Motor, developed by our German Partner and the high quality 60V20AH Lithium-Ion Portable Battery gives you acceleration of  0-45 km/h in 9.8 seconds ánd a range up to 65 km!

The Miku Max can do this without a noisy engine and those smelly fumes.

Besides Miku Max’s one of kind design it has also been equipped with:
-Simple, yet efficient front & back disc brakes.
-Four coupling shockers to make driving over all those speedbumps seem like nothing.
-Cruise Control to make sure long journeys on the road don’t sprain your wrist.

Full LED front, back and turning lights are not only battery saving, but also much more visible than halogen lights. Be a driving spotlight in the dark to stay safe!

Since our Miku Max is an E-Scooter, this vintage gas tank shaped box isn’t filled with gasoline, but provides a small storage area where for example you could put in your phone, wallet or the Miku charger to take it with you. The small storage space also features:

-A LED light to find your stuff in the dark
-An USB port to charge your phone.